Who We Are

The Tri-Valley Adopt a Creek Spot Program was founded in 2012 and is currently a partnership between the City of Livermore Water Resources Division, Zone 7 Water Agency, Livermore Area Recreation and Park District, Alameda County Resource Conservation District, Alameda County Watershed Forum, Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District, Friends of the Arroyos, Living Arroyos, and Goza Gear Ink.

Adopt a Creek Spot's mission is to promote healthy Tri-Valley creeks through active community participation and education. We improve and protect water quality by reducing litter and minimizing urban runoff pollution to storm drains and creeks. The program also promotes community stewardship of creeks and provides local watershed educational opportunities.


Why Does Trash Reduction Matter? 

Trash that litters the streets and landscape can end up in storm drains, where it washes into creeks that flow to the San Francisco Bay. Much of the trash in the Bay washes into the Pacific Ocean where it contributes to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Trash not only takes a toll on quality of life, property values, and housing prices, it also endangers plant, fish and wildlife populations and habitat.

Did You Know? Every year 26,359 gallons of trash (approximately 75 gallons of trash a day) flows into the San Francisco Bay from the City of Livermore.


How Long Does Litter Last?

Ever wondered how long litter will be around if no one picks it up? Litter and illegal dumping are serious problems. The list below shows the average number of years it takes for common litter items to break down. Actual time varies depending on the conditions under which the litter is breaking down, so may be higher or lower than indicated below.

 Orange or Banana Peel      Up to 2 years
 Cigarette Butts  1 to 5 years
 Plastic Coated Paper, e.g., candy wrappers  5 years
 Plastic Bags  10 to 20 years
 Nylon Fabric  30 to 40 years
 Leather  Up to 50 years
 Tin Cans  50 years
 Aluminum Cans and Tabs  80 to 100 years
 Plastic Six-Pack Holders  100 years
 Glass Bottles  1,000,000 years
 Plastic Bottles  Indefinite
 Plastic Foam, e.g., Styrofoam  Indefinite