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Adopt a Creek Spot Program

Tri-Valley residents and businesses are encouraged to participate in the Adopt a Creek Spot Program. Adopting a creek spot allows participants to help improve water quality and aquatic habitat in neighborhood creeks.

The removal of trash and litter helps improve the aesthetic beauty of our neighborhoods, while helping reduce trash loads from the municipal storm sewer system.

Adopt a Creek Spot is easy and is a great way to get involved to help improve our local environment and community. Join us by Getting Started today!

2020 Creeks to Bay Month

September is Creeks to Bay Month, and we need your help! This year, volunteers from all over California are organizing their own DIY litter clean-ups close to home. So, choose a day (or several!) this month to go out with your household and protect your "happy place" by picking up litter at a local park, on your street and sidewalk, or a favorite trail.

Your actions can make a big difference in our local creeks and the San Francisco Bay. Trash travels from our neighborhoods, parks, streets, and storm drains into our waterways and eventually the ocean. Our watershed is threatened more than ever by trash, including disposable masks, gloves, and take-out packaging littering our streets and parks. Remember, the shore starts at your front door!

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Adopt A Creek Spot Map

Adopt a Creek Spot Program Map

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